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                    We,  Jayesh V Rane, Nitin N Kumbhar and Kedar S Sovani, were group of three students from Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT), , researching and developing project on Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and providing extension to it as 'Load Sharing'. We have got the precious guidance of Prof. Rajesh B. Ingle from PICT and Mr. Adityashankar Kini from Calsoft Inc.

                    We were using 4.3 FreeBSD as our platform for project. During the study phase, we have come through various topics that can be thought as 'Extensions to SCTP' . We have researched on the extension 'Load Sharing' for SCTP to provide more efficient Transport layer protocol. The basic implementation of SCTP protocol on 4.3 FreeBSD is done and more research is done on Load Sharing extension. 


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Research Paper published at XIth International ADCOM 2003 Conference

Congratulations !!!
RivuS won the THIRD prize at Open Software, TechFest 2002

References :

[1] Randall R. Stewart, Xie, RFC 2960, "Stream Control Transmission Protocol".

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[3] online guide and internet drafts available : and

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Some Links :

[1] Paper Submitted to USENIX Conferenece.

[2] Project Report to get a better view of the project..

[3] Power Point Presentation Slides of "SCTP on BSD".

[4] BSD Kernel Compiling and Debugging Information.

[5] Analysis and Design phase of RivuS.

[6] Download R. Stewart's UDP style Reference Implementation of SCTP on FreeBSD.


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